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What will Scarlet and Renee do to get the job? Anything!

What will Scarlet and Renee do to receive the job? Anything!

When this scene spreads, Scarlet Andrews, a 66-year-old wife, Mommy and grandmother from Tampa, Florida, is being interviewed for a promotion. Tony, the petticoat chaser who’s doing the interviewing, tells her this chab has another candidate to talk to. Turns out that candidate is 52-year-old Renee Dark-skinned, and to say Renee and Scarlet don’t get along would be an understatement.

“You floozy! I knew that you would play smutty!” Scarlet says when this babe walks in on Renee undressing and feeling Tony’s package.

“Unlike my co-worker, I am ready to go the extra mile,” Renee says.

Well, turns out Scarlet is willing to go the extra mile, too, and what begins as a cock-sucking competition proceeds with one as well as the other ladies offering up their wet cracks for the job and opening their mouths for Tony’s cum.

Yep, it is a tough world out there. If u wanna get ahead, you have to do things u normally wouldn’t do.

Although that doesn’t apply here because Scarlet and Renee are the one and the other swinging couples. So this is exactly the kind of thing they’d normally do.

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The Coy Gal Gets Ass-Fucked By Two Studs

The Shy Beauty Receives Ass-Fucked By Two Studs

Tahnee Taylor once told us, “I’m a timid beauty, but I like getting rogered in my wazoo.” Here, this 49-year-old gets rogered in her butt by 2 big-dicked studs. They take turns on her ass, and when one of the jocks isn’t in her ass, it’s in her deep-sucking mouth.

“I like mouthing cock whilst getting fucked in my booty,” big-titted Tahnee told.

This episode is full of great moments, beginning when Tahnee is on her knees and goes back and forth engulfing the 2 schlongs and continuing when one of the males sticks one finger then a second in her butthole. While he is doing this, Tahnee is mouthing the other dude’s meat-thermometer, and then the other gent sticks his finger in Tahnee’s pink pussy. So Tahnee has meat-thermometer in her throat and fingers in her cum-hole and anal opening.

Then the ass-fucking starts, and Tahnee takes it subrigid and unfathomable. That babe might be shy, but she doesn’t timid away from a stiff arse pounding. Lastly, the lads shoot their loads in Tahnee’s face hole, and Tahnee proudly sticks out her tongue to show us all of the cum this babe collected.

Demure? We must meet more bashful vixens love Tahnee.

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Brandy Dean – Busty ‘N’ Wet

Full-bosomed ‘N’ Luscious

Busty 'N' Wet

Someone’s at the door. Who is it but red-headed sweetheart Brandy Dean, all 40-25-36 inches. Miss Dean’s 38DDDs go into the abode in advance of that babe does. Red is puzzled but that buck shouldn’t be. Give this girl an inch, that babe desires six inches more.

It seems that Brandy is a ally of Red’s wife and was envisaging to hang out with the wife at their pool. That babe asks Red if she can catch some sun by herself. Ok, precious with Red. They are a match, at least by hair color. The wife need to actually trust Red.

Brandy peels off her pants and T-shirt to disclose her shapely body in a pink and orange string bikini that goes well with her red hair and heavy hangers. Red follows her and lurks behind a column.

Brandy squirts a bottle of suntan greasy oil all over her large milk sacks. Red hides and watches. Brandy sees him and calls him over, not bothered by his pervy voyeurism. No, this babe can’t live with out pervs. After all, that babe is Brandy Dean. She lives so males can stare at her, jack off, engulf her titanic hooters, set in their ramrods in her throat, bonk her greater than typical bumpers and vagina, and ask her to autograph their issues of SCORE mag.

Brandy asks Red to put baby oil on her back. Flipping over on her back after Red’s handling, Brandy’s chest attracts Red’s fingers adore a lamb draws a wolf. They pull down her swimsuit bottoms to disclose her red pubic hair over a mostly shaved pussy. Red forgets to add more greasy oil as that gent rubs Brandy’s haunches.

Drunk from Brandy’s tits and slit, Red forgets all about his wife and plays with Brandy’s pussy-lips. Brandy doesn’t approve of extra-marital sex but that is ok because she’s not married, Red is. Overheated by the sun and her massage, Brandy cools off in the pool.

Red is waiting, meat-thermometer ready for her scones when Brandy acquires with out the pool. She just now places his cock in her cleavage and throat. Once Brandy is turned on, there’s no kill-switch. They will now engulf, take up with the tongue, pump and bonk, ending with her wobblers covered in nut butter.

“I think, if u haven’t considered it already, that u might wish to release a Most worthwhile of Brandy Dean DVD,” writes SCORE Fellow D.W.. “Who would suspect that such an sinless looking beauty was such a pornstress?”

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Two HORNY HOUSEWIVES, one job, one pecker

Two SEXY HOUSEWIVES, one job, one cock

Scarlet Andrews, who’s 66 years mature, and Renee Black, who’s 52 years mature, are one as well as the other going for the same job. Turns out they don’t adore every other, and that turns out to be a good thing for Tony D., who’s interviewing them.

“Unlike my co-worker, I am ready to go the extra mile,” says Renee, the dark brown.

“This isn’t a competition,” Tony protests.

“Oh yeah it’s!” the ladies protest.

“I can engulf dong more amazing than u can,” Scarlet says to Renee, actually throwing down the proverbial gauntlet.

Boys, when two girls receive into a cock-sucking competition and yours is the jock they’re sucking, that’s a very wonderful thing.

Turns out the girls know how to work as a team. They feed each other his penis. They let Tony take turns face-fucking and pussy-fucking them. Scarlet eats Renee’s love tunnel whilst riding Tony’s ding-dong.

Yes, we can all acquire along!

Tony cums on their faces. If this gent is smart, he’ll give one as well as the other ladies the promotion. If he’s truly smart, he’ll tell them that Lothario still cant come to a completion and needs more convincing.

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Karen R – Nasty Librarian

Naughty Librarian

Naughty Librarian

Occupation: Librarian; Age: Twenty nine; Born: May Twenty; Ht: 5’4″; Wt: 111 pounds; Bras: 32B; Panties: Panties; Anal: Still unsure; BJs: Spit or gulp; Diddle: One time a week.

“I am rapidly approaching my 30th birthday and I truly don’t desire to think of myself as boring any longer,” Karen from Manchester, Britain told us. “So I asked my lady-killer to take those pix. When the day arrived, I got off work early and got made up. I took a bath and made sure my legs were wonderful and shaved and my pubes were cropped. As pretty soon as that dude walked through the door I presented him with the digital camera and took his schlong in my throat. I said him that I would finish the job once this chab snapped a dunky in number shots. This ladies man told me afterwards this should be a regular greeting. I’m inclined to accede.”

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Top Enormous Table Topper

Top Enormous Table Topper

Ann Calis is a greenhorn ready to take on the big-boobed world and that babe has the all-natural assets to do it. She’s another great import from Bucharest in Romania, land of the curvacious and the ultra-voluptuous.

“Modeling for SCORE is very gripping,” said Ann. Many think she’s the personification of the perfect Curvaceous Hotty. “I had not ever thought of doing anything love this previous to. I like it and I crave to do more. My friends always said admirable things about my body and my larger than standard bouncy bosoms. I adore to costume in fetching raiment, reveal my milk cans, and masturbate with my toys. This is the right time for me.”

“My favourite way to unwind is to go to a resort by the sea during late spring and summer and spend a few days enjoying the beach, sightseeing and having worthy meals. I have a list of countries I’d adore to visit.”

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Mama Of Four Has Pierced Muff

Mother Of Four Has Pierced Pussy

Yasmine Beale isn’t really the kind of female you’d wait to be an model. This babe is a working Mother of four. She’s too a very able interior designer and has a doting spouse at home who can’t live with out her very much. So why is this babe here? Well, boyfriend travels a lot and she’s a slutty SEXY HOUSEWIFE who needs attention. This babe told us when she rubs her like button she fantasizes about the neighbors watching.

“I love being fastened down and ravished,” 44-year-old Yasmine told. “There’s nothing like a chap who knows how to take charge and just goes for it. My cunt is generally always gorgeous moist, but when I am out to dinner and a boy instructs for me, I just begin gushing. I also fantasize about being used by multiple partners. Maybe being at the center of a circle of lads, their knobs all in front of me, expecting to be serviced. When I masturbate I’ll slide some anal beads unfathomable into my booty and use my sex tool. Then I think about a couple of boyz coming into the room and caressing my mellons, taking turns squeezing, pinching and tongueing my body during the time that I cum.”

Yasmine has big bra-busters and a pierced fur pie. Here, that babe fucks herself with a bigger than average, dark-skinned toy. This babe even takes her hands off the toy and lets her fur pie do all the work, which exposes you just how constricted her mature fur pie is.

So, although Yasmine isn’t the sort of mistress you’d expect to see here, she’s here! She’s a fine surprise to jack to.

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Jerrica – She’s No Prude!

She’s No Prude!

She's No Prude!

“My friends would be completely shocked to see me in a porno mag,” Jerrica said us. “They’d be like, “Jerri, you’re the prude in the group!” They obviously do not know me very well. It’s true that I don’t sleep with a stud until we’re a couple months into our relationship, but that is coz I’m still looking for mister consummate, not because I’m a prude! I’m very open about my body, as you can probably tell. Hopefully these pictures will stay a secret betwixt your browsers and me. I don’t urge my future spouse to observe!”

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The British Are Cumming

The British Are Cumming

The British are really cumming whenever this hot vixen bares all. Dressed impeccably as always, and always wearing smth that unveils off her spectacular slender and full-bosomed hourglass figure, Lily Madison is a sexy traffic-stopper. Lily spanks it hard in this recent scene.

How does Lily let someone know this babe likes him?

“I’m not afraid to make the first move,” says Lily. “I’ll hold his hand. Try to kiss him. If I like a lad, I’ll let him know it. No sense waiting around.”

What should a boy not do to expose his interest? Make her chuckle.

“Well, this chab probably shouldn’t try to put his face in my boobies, which has happened previous to. Bucks have told, ‘Can I put my face in your boobies?’ They shouldn’t do that. If you can make me chuckle, u have a chance. I like lads with a worthwhile sense of humor.”

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Two Rods For Tahnee’s Taut Rectal hole

Two Dicks For Tahnee's Tight Asshole

Tahnee Taylor is back at, and this time, 2 men, Carlos and Tony, go to town on her constricted dark-skinned hole. A lot of babes demure away from a bit of arse. Other honeys will do it but merely with lads who have petite ramrods. And some hotty’s will insist that the boy takes it simple on her asshole.

Tahnee is not any of those hotties.

Now, Tahnee has bigger than typical tits. Very greater than typical mammaries. And that is fine. This babe is golden-haired and pretty and a little bit excited. But this day, the focus is on her 49-year-old asshole. This babe is sucking one stud’s rod during the time that the other inserts his finger in her tight asshole. Then that guy inserts a second finger. Just when Tahnee’s worked up and her rectal hole has been stretched open sufficient, he slips his shlong inside. And Tahnee doesn’t miss a beat with the cock-sucking.

Now, Tahnee has taken pecker up her ass previous to at, but that babe is never had her backdoor double-teamed.

“I loved it,” Tahnee told after she’d wiped the cum off her face. “I like getting drilled in my booty.”

We can tell.

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The Before Shots

The Previous to Shots

We know some of you men prefer your ladies to be fuzzy downstairs. Other bucks adore vaginas to be priceless and smooth. That is why this month’s Bush Baby, the always-delightful Kim Douglas, is giving us the almost all fine of one as well as the other worlds. This day we’re presenting her breathtaking bush in all of its magnificence. Tomorrow we are posting a movie scene of her shaving her whole body.

Today’s fotos show not merely her shaggy twat but too her thighs, calves and arms. That babe certainly takes the “natural look” gorgeous far! But that’s what we adore about our dilettante women–they’re showing you things you will not detect anywhere else.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s shaving movie!

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