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Marta La Croft – Bazooms & Booty

Bazooms & Gazoo

Bazooms & Booty

That is one ravishing little oufit Marta La Croft is glamour modeling. That is one way to draw a crowd. Reclining on a sofa, Marta is breathless but breasty-full in this recent scene. Now that you’re here, she can flaunt u her ravishing body and fap off thinking about all the boys who want to copulate her.

SCORELAND doesn’t host many Spanish girls. Bridgette B. is from Spain also and has been living in Los Angeles for a few years. So far, Marta sticks to Europe so SCORE filmed her in Prague.

Marta has love bubbles and tush. Boobies and arse. Her arse is almost as renowned as her larger than average breasts depending on the source. Senorita La Croft’s done her 1st hardcore scene at SCORELAND in “Busty Room Raider” and sucked and drilled a dude dry. This chiqueta loves the sexy sauce str8 without a man’s cojenes.

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M.I.L.F. Swinger with Smarts

MILF Swinger with Smarts

Studs, meet Kali. This babe is a horny SEXY HOUSEWIFE. Well, that babe doesn’t truly have any kids. This babe says that that babe at no time wanted any ‘coz they don’t match her lifestyle. “I’m the kind of lady who rarely wears knickers cuz I do not wanna be slowed down in the event of a quick, free and facile hookup. I adore going on dates, knowing that if I wanted to, I could hike up my petticoat and receive fucked doggy position down any alleyway.”

Now you understand why we called Kali a randy Mamma I’D LIKE TO FUCK. Oh, did we mention that she is married? Her husband is nice with her screwing boys on dates, though. They’re swinger married couples.

Born in 1970, Kali has had lots of time to work out what she likes in her potential suitors. “I love tall, fit, juvenile darksome dudes. They’re the almost all fun! They’re not stuffy like some of the boring, old white boyz I dated in the past. It is not a race thing, though. I have dated lots of unbelievable white lads. In any case, intelligence matters most. I’m a sapiosexual. That’s supposed to mean that I value people who can give me eye contact, direct honesty and cerebral conversation.”

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The Lexy Cougar interview

The Lexy Cougar interview

Let us have to know Lexy Cougar, a 49-year-old Mother and divorcee who was born in Iowa, lived in Texas for a whilst and is now in South Florida. After this interview is over, Lexy is gonna shag JMac. It’ll be the 1st time she’s fucked on-video, and this babe is looking forward to it, it being JMac’s rod.

Lexy has been a paralegal for majority of her working life, and when we asked her why that babe decided to discharge for, this babe told. “Curiosity. A recent experience. Something different from my career.”

JMac is Thirty. Not also lengthy ago, Lexy had sex with a 27-year-old.

“Someone I worked out with in the Health Strip club. We gotta know every other and ended up going out for a hardly any drinks and having some pleasure. We went lap dancing, and then I took him home.”

Lexy looks spectacular. That babe is attractive and has a curvaceous body with precious, large fullsome funbags. She’s plan to turn 50 next October, and this babe says. “It doesn’t a predicament me. I’m looking forward to it. Age doesn’t bother me. My 40’s were fantastic, probably the best years of my life. I am more secure with myself and know what I love and what I wish. In my Twenty’s, I was very demure. I came out of it a little in my 30’s, and in my 40s, I went in the other direction.”

That direction? Our direction.

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Daphne Rosen – Stall Sexologist

Stall Sexologist

Stall Sexologist

Daphne Rosen is the stall sexologist. This men’s room is her office and this is where that babe treats her clients’ carnal issues. This is where Daphne uses her big billibongs and taut snatch to screw some sense into these chaps. It always works.

Daphne has fucked a lot of boys, the one and the other skillful men and usual boyz. She’s a sex accomplished, different from the TV academicians out there with their trendy books.

“Professional guys have been worse than the lads in my personal life,” Daphne said. “Because I am so worthwhile. I have had a higher percentage of boys in porn not be experienced to control themselves than in real life, so it really does depend on the Lothario and how he’s doing that day.”

Daphne was already an wazoo stab specialist when she supersized her mangos in 2006.

“I’ve got a-hole and I am thick, so if u can acquire the meat-thermometer past my hips and to the aperture, we’re all nice. I love to try recent things. I’ll try everything once. If I adore it, I’ll keep on doing it, and if I do not, I’ll just at not time do it one time more. So I wanted to try it, and it was worthwhile.”

Daphne was the 21st inductee into the SCORE Hall of Fame in the June 2015 edition of SCORE. This babe is a good, pretty Jewish beauty who made the worship of jock her life’s work for a admirable number of years instead of marrying a doctor or a lawyer.

“I was type of born for sex,” Daphne said. “I mean, fate dealt me a hand that I basically had no preference. My throat is very, very skilled. I can obviously do a great tit jack off. My wet crack, I have heard, is absolutely gorgeous. My anus…very accommodating.”

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From the courtroom to the porn room

From the courtroom to the porn room

Lexy Cougar, a 49-year-old M.I.L.F. who lives in Miami, Florida, makes her initial debut by engulfing and screwing JMac’s larger than standard shlong. This giant boobed goddess gets a spunk pie in her nice-looking muff, too.

“I’ve been a paralegal all my life,” Lexy said. “That requires you to be conservative at all times, so, yes, I would say the people who know me would be surprised to see me here.”

So would the middle-school girls who Lexy taught dance and gymnastics.

“I dance and workout,” Lexy said. “I workout 3 times a week. I used to do gymnastics in high school, and I have enjoyment gonna the beach.”

Lexy can’t live with out showing off her tanned, fit body. She wears mini-skirts and short shorts with little tops. This babe isn’t a swinger or a nudist, but that babe told, “I’m not coy when it comes to exposing my body. I’m very comfortable with my body and not inhibited.”

The proof is in the pictures.

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Monika Dupree – Teens Next Door

Teenies Next Door

Teens Next Door

As a peculiar treat to u bucks, we’re posting an complete full-length DVD to our site. We’re posting one scene each week until the complete flick is online and you can check out it any time you crave.

This week we’ve got Monika.

“I did not wanna shoot any actual sex on-camera because I was a virgin when I took my first undressed images,” Monika said us. “I lastly gave up. Precious riddance! I figured if I was already putting dicks in my mouth I might as well put ’em in my cooch, too. And I acquire to admit, as much as I like the taste of dick-flesh, I love most of all the feel of a weenie in my aperture more. I know I just, adore, lost my virginity, but I already know where that peculiar spot is. U know, the one that gives you an agonorgasmos instantly when u poke it. It feels eager priceless. Now all I wish to do is copulate. So yeah, things have changed. For the more astounding.”

This concludes our viewing of Legal age teenagers Next Door, but stay tuned for more streaming movie scenes.

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Sadie Blooms – High-Sugar Sex

High-Sugar Sex

High-Sugar Sex

Sadie Blooms is a huge-boobed dish who contacted and wanted to watch what adult modeling was all about. This babe is juvenile and eager to spread her wings. Trying all kinds of new experiences is on her agenda. Showing off her large, sexy, natural milk cans and love tunnel on-camera interested her. So did doing the nasty with porn fellows.

How did Sadie even know about SCORE? “It was coz of my boob-loving ally,” Sadie said us. “He likes u and urged me to connect with you.”

Clothed in a skimpy beneath garment, panties and heels, Sadie greets her date with a breast valley full of whipped sex cream decorated by a strawberry. After touching with tongue that up, she sprays whipped jism on his schlong, this chab sprays it on her wet crack, and they one as well as the other take up with the tongue up the lovely creamy goodness. For the main course, Sadie is rogered wonderful and hard. This babe indeed went to city on his strapon. That babe is one screwing hawt gal.

Movie of Sadie chatting with a TSG editor is posted at the SCORELAND Blog. That babe is loads of joy and her body is nice-looking. Real girlfriend material.

Watch More of Sadie Blooms at SCOREVIDEOS.COM!

Thousands of schlongs, but her first time on-camera!

Thousands of knobs, but her first time on-camera!

“I love most of all to skip the date and just have sex,” said Alice, a 65-year-old wife, Mom and grandmother from Las Vegas who, in this scene, skips the date and sucks and screws 26-year-old Rocky.

“I’ll sometimes meet a boy with my husband with the intention of having a 3some. If we meet in a bar that has booths, I like to sit on one side with the dude we’re rencounter, with my husband on the other side of the table. I am usually the 1st to reach over and touch. I like knowing I’m giving a boy an boner. I never wear panties when I’m meeting a single boy. I am not sure why since I’ve not at all met a lad who was avoided by belts.”

Rocky isn’t prevented by Alice’s belts. This man goes right after her big juggs and large wazoo and enjoyable muff. Which is admirable by Alice. That babe is been a swinger for over Fourty years, and she could not count the number of bucks she’s banged. But this is her first time banging on-camera.

“It’s smth fresh, smth different and smth enjoyment that makes life thrilling,” Alice told.

This video begins with an interview. We need to know Alice and inspect about her swinging adventures. Alice is a buxom blond who is very matter-of-fact about sex. That babe can’t live out of to screw. So what? Rocky discharges his sex cream on her face and the cum gets into her hair. Big deal!

Well, it is a very big deal to us cuz jacking is a big deal.

“I adore being rogered. I prefer to have sex daily, but sometimes it doesn’t figure out that way. I’m definitely sexually assured. I know what I adore and I go after it.”

That’s how that babe ended up here.

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Getting to know Sable Renae

Getting to know Sable Renae

Now it is time to meet Sable Renae, a 44-year-old first-timer who’s lived in lots of places. Germany. The southern United States. Oklahoma. Now she lives in California with her husband and significant other. Constrained? Sable will clear it up for you–sort of–in this upbeat, entertaining interview.

Among the things you’ll see Sable doing in this interview:
1.) Demonstrating her flexibility.
2.) Showing off her lap-dancing technique.
THREE.) Giving a oral-stimulation.

You’ll too learn about such things as live iron sword fighting and transgenders. All this from a female who’s a Mom and an hot dancer.

So, have to know Sable. This is the consummate setup for her upcoming 1st hardcore clip at

See More of Sable Renae at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!

Savour it while it lasts

Enjoy it while it lasts

We’ve enjoyment when a female has a thick, wet patch of pubes. We understand that the world seems to have abandoned its follicle fondness, but whenever we can, we try to convince angels that being bushy is charming. In any case, this rambling is all building up to what’s coming tomorrow. Simone, the hirsute Bush Baby you see underneath, hairless her twat. We’re intend to post some pics and a movie of her lathering and shaving her muff tomorrow. In the meantime, have enjoyment this matching movie and photo content she sent our way. After all, it is hair this day, gone tomorrow.

Watch More of Simone at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!

Picked Up & Pounded

Picked Up & Pounded

U do not know a thang about sportin’ a southern stiffy until you hear this little angel Brittany Adore talk about how much more breathtaking the fucking is down “Jaw-jah” way. When Hot 10-Pounder met Brittany, the sexy Southern Belle was desirous to be bad and that lady-killer was nutty to slide his rod deep into her Georgia peach. This scene focused more on Brittany’s marvelous legs instead of her large whoppers.

Brittany’s first mag was January 2000 SCORE. This babe was the covergirl. An sexy dancer who traveled from exotic dancing club to club all over the America, Miss Like won many rewards, such as the Bigger than typical Bust Entertainer of the Year trophy from Lap dancer magazine in 2001 and 2003, the merely SCORE Angel to win this award twice. She was a prefered of many exotic dancing club owners for her professionalism and personality.

The redhead was invited to Boob Cruise 2000 in the spring of that year. That babe was a hostess in the DVD of this final Cruise, “Boobs Ahoy!” Brittany too became one of the go-to gals for girl on girl hardcore act at SCORE, lapping and toying Haley Hills, Deanna Baldwin, Dawn Stone and Mary Carey.

The amicable country hotty and swinger was a familiar face at SCORE in the early ’00s, and we even did an “At Home” piece with her in her abode for the March ’00 issue. A SCUBA diver, Brittany drives motorcycles, is an expert markswoman and is your all-around outdoor Southern cutie.

Brittany retired from everything adult in the mid-00s.

Watch More of Brittany Love at SCOREVIDEOS.COM!

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