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Karly Baker – What a Nerd!

What a Nerd!

What a Nerd!

Brace-faced hotty Karly was born in nineteen-ninety-fucking-seven. Let that sink in for a minute. She’s young. So what’s she doing on

Getting drilled by a much, much-older petticoat chaser. “I’ve always had a thing for maturer guys. I mean, they go into the Aeropostale where I work all the time, and they’re always flirting with me. I detect ’em cute, but I have not at all really gone out with any of them. I figured banging on on-camera would be easier and less messy than sleeping with a stranger. Plus, I’m going to school, so I can use the cash!”

Karly told us that this babe actually wants to have a three-some with 2 studs. She prides herself in her skills in the bedroom. “I can usually make a chap finish within three minutes,” that babe told us.

Karly is also a bit of a nerd. “I’ve always wanted a Lothario to costume up as Spock from Star Trek. I likewise think that boys who do cosplay are banging sexy. The elf ears do it for me.”

She’s gonna make some nerd a very cheerful boy someday. In the meantime, she’s making us very pleased by rogering our woman chaser. Savour!

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An Oasis of Southern Beauty

An Oasis of Southern Beauty

Behind the canopy, Rockell awaits. It’s great to have Rockell back at SCORELAND. She’s been missed so it’s time to play catch-up.

SCORELAND: Rockell, your pierced areolas are a new addition. What do they do for u, stimulation-wise?

Rockell: I love when they are played with. I feel love they are more sensitive now. Tugging and pulling of the bars are super-fun cuz they are fully healed now! I would like to change the bars out in a short time to smth phat. I adore the idea of my nipps showing thru a white T-shirt. They tend to stay pretty stiff! In advance of, with out the stimulation, my areolas didn’t indeed protrude like they do now.

SCORELAND: What did u adore about the barbells as opposed to getting areola rings?

Rockell: I actually had the option when they were pierced between bars and rings. For me, it was honestly my personal partiality. I suppose both are hawt but for the healing process I thought bars! I’m definitely not opposed to some super-cute rings in the future.

SCORELAND: What size bra do u buy now?

Rockell: The newest brassiere I’ve is a 36G cup and I bought it from Belk.

SCORELAND: Thank u, Rockell. We’re up for watching this latest video and welcome back!

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Luna Azul – XXXtra help

XXXtra assist

XXXtra help

One of the nicest things about the vixens on 60PlusMILFs is that they’re all very worthy people. Every one of them. They’re not like these stuck-up 20somethings who think studs should bow at their feet and be grateful just to be around them. They’re not hardened porn stars. No. They’re regular honeys who happen to have greatly high sex drives. They fuck for enjoyment. We give ’em the chance to fuck for joy and money. They take it, but they’d do it just for the sex. Identify out the smile on Luna’s face in this scene after JMac cums all over it. She is a cheerful woman. This babe just got dick.

In addition to being very hawt, Luna is amicable, kind and considerate. She has a great sense of humor. That babe is approachable. That babe said if a charmer desires to meet her, this chab “should give me an insight into his personality.”

As we’ve mentioned in advance of, our prefered Luna story is about the time she spent two days getting her 60something snatch pounded by porn dicks in our studio then jumped into a rental car, drove up to Orlando, Florida and spent a couple of days fucking in swinger couples clubs.

Here, she’s a teacher. JMac is her first-year student. He’s not doing very well in class, but is doing great at getting some aged butt. Ms. Azul sucks his weenie and shags him in her office. This babe performs like a sex superstar, but she is just the woman next door…a very lascivious female next door.

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A toy and a ramrod for Tahnee’s butthole

A toy and a meat-thermometer for Tahnee's asshole

How big busted is 49-year-old Tahnee Taylor? Breasty sufficient to have appeared in Curvacious magazine and at SCORELAND. Her wobblers are DDD-cup naturals, making her one of the bustiest naturally breasty HORNY HOUSEWIVES ever.

Of course, she’s likewise blonde and fashionable. And this babe bonks very well. And she takes it up the wazoo, which is always a bonus. She acquires ass-fucked in this scene.

“I adore bigger in size than run of the mill ramrods,” Tahnee said. “Big dongs go with bigger than typical milk cans. I adore it when a lady-killer sucks my nipps. They’re very sensitive. Bucks always go for my big mellons. Dudes and sweethearts are always staring at my chest. I have had males say to me, ‘Could you please tell your mounds to avoid staring at my eyeballs?'” Tahnee laughed. “Guys are always holding doors for me and looking down my shirt whilst I’m passing ’em.”

Here, Tahnee has her booty filled with a big toy during the time that she makes out with 24-year-old Jeremy. This dude tit-fucks her, of course. That babe sucks his ramrod while the toy is still jammed inside her arsehole. Eventually, that toy is gonna come out and Jeremy’s meat-thermometer is going to go in.

Tahnee is divorced. She’s from Southern California, land of breasty M.I.L.F.S.. Tahnee is the bustiest.

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Maya – Abode Always Wins

House Always Wins

House Always Wins

Occupation: Casino worker
Age: Twenty three
Born: May 30
Ht: 5’2″
Wt: 102 pounds
Bras: 34C
Panties: Cheeksters or panties
Anal: I love a finger sometimes
BJs: I spit
Masturbate: Yes

Maya is from the Philippines, but that babe too worked in some fancy casinos in Las Vegas. So, as a female who lived and worked in Sin Town, this babe probably has some nutty stories, right? “You’d be surprised,” this babe said us. “People go there to have nutty experiences, but unless u have lots of money, it is rock hard to be a large roller. Still, I’ve had sex with random hotel guests, been treated to steak dinners, and been propositioned for a three-some with a boy and his wife.

“When I masturbate, I always look at homemade three-some porn. So it was very peculiar when I fucked my boyfriend and my finest friend for my 22nd birthday.”

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A Taste of Babe

A Taste of Honey

It is picnic time for Michelle Honey and Tony. And Michelle is the most precious tasting item on the menu. Tony will be drilling for butt this day and Michelle’s anal opening is as enchanting as vixen. It’s a box lunch for him. He hopes to squeeze it in to the hilt. Michelle can’t live without to please bucks so he should be a glad charmer by the time that gent drops his nut.

Michelle’s from Las Vegas by way of Fresh York and loves to shag outdoors–parks, fields, rooftops, parking lots, balconies. The hotty likes recent air.

“I like my tits and I’ve fun hearing lads make comments about ’em when I walk past ’em,” said Michelle. “If they didn’t make comments, I’d think smth wasn’t right with me!”

Michelle was on Tyra Banks’ TV talk display (“A Day In The Life of A Porn Star”) and took part in one of Tyra’s “social experiments.” That babe lived in a house called Porntown with a group of other headmistress adult entertainers. Every beauty assigned herself a “role” in Porntown. The basic idea was to see if there’s a hierarchy or pecking dictate among different types of cuties. Nice-looking interesting idea. Likewise bad they couldn’t reveal them taking communal showers.

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Subil Arch

Subil Arch Subil Arch
Subil Arch @
Deputy Warden Subil Arch might hail from Russian Federation, and her English might not be the superlatively wonderful…but she knows how to handle a convict. Take these 2 convicts, for example: they’ve been isolated from the general population due to repeated behavioral offenses, and now they’re about to commence up anew. They’re bitching about everything from maggots in their chow to roaches in the cell to their jumpsuits not fitting properly. They’re demanding a collision with The Warden, but the farthest they’re gonna acquire is Deputy Warden Arch. Her vital mistake? Getting likewise close to the bars during her lecture! Next thing that babe knows, Deputy Arch is on their turf, and in dictate to acquire out alive, that babe is gonna play by their rules…whatever these rules happen to be!
Subil Arch Subil Arch
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Luna Azul, lustful teacher

Luna Azul, amorous teacher

Luna Azul, who’s 64 years mature, is a teacher. She’s wearing glasses and a button-down top that’s not buttoned just enough. JMac, who’s youthful sufficient to be her son but not youthful enough to be her grandson, is her scholar. As students go, that Lothario is a bit on the old side at 31, but you know how it’s these days with adults going back to school.

Furthermore, JMac isn’t doing likewise well in Ms. Azul’s class. This babe is anxious about his grades. In reality, that babe is actually anxious about his meat-thermometer. She urges it. The deal this babe strikes with him is that every time they bonk, she’ll give him an “A.” That smooth operator probably would’ve done it for a “C.” Or an “F.” Or just for the hell of it. After all, Luna is one sexy GILF.

Let’s face it: Any domina who receives her clit pierced is into sex. Any 60Plus SEXY HOUSEWIFE who has a pierced adore button is in a whole new category altogether. That’s Luna. She said us that her top 3 sexual encounters were “a weekend with a foot-fetishist, sex in the backyard with the neighbors home and sex in an airplane bath.” And that’s not even counting the scenes she did with us.

Luna says the superlatively worthy compliment that babe ever received was, “You are so hot and sexy.”

The worst? “I love old doxies.”

We’re sure he meant it as a compliment.

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Elektra buzzes herself

Elektra buzzes herself

Elektra Lamour, a 50-year-old wife, Mom and grandmother, is back to play with her curly bawdy cleft. We’ve watched her copulate. We’ll see her fuck anew. But, between shags, Elektra decided to have some alone time. Of course, that babe invited us to film her alone time.

When this scene widens, Elektra is in sofa. We’re voyeurs. Elektra is wearing lingerie and rubbing her love tunnel. It’s a hirsute cum-hole. Very curly. She’s likewise playing with her marangos. They’re large. Very large. Elektra is a monster titted HORNY HOUSEWIFE with a hirsute slit, and that acquires her plenty of attention.

Eventually, Elektra slips a metal ball inside her curly snatch and buzzes it using the remote control. Each once in a whilst, she looks into the digi camera to make sure we’re still looking. Do not worry, Elektra. We’re not taking our eyes off of u.

We asked Elektra what makes her amorous, and that babe told, “Watching a nice screw scene.” If that’s the case, that babe can view her first scene at That babe said that the finest thing about being a captivating female is that “people, especially chaps, treat u more impressive. They pay more attention to u.” Isn’t that the truth.

Elektra can’t live without to wear low-cut blouses, tight mini-skirts and high heels. When that babe is going out, this babe puts on perfume and shaves her legs. But this babe does not shave her muff. Totally not.

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Terry Nova – Cellar Dwellers

Cellar Dwellers

Cellar Dwellers

Terry Nova is curious about an mature building and what’s going on inside. That babe quietly makes her way down the stairs and turns the corner when this babe hears a noise. She spies on Carlos stealing wine from the cellar. Carlos turns to leave and walks right into Terry. Busted! And so is Terry!

Terry doesn’t want to tell on him. This babe wants him to ride her with all of his meat-thermometer skills. With a twinkle in her eyes, Terry kneels and lowers her costume. Her mounds dangle whilst she lovingly and adoringly sucks his penis and licks his balls with her long pink tongue.

They shag against the brick wall, the horseman drilling her hard doggystyle in the ancient wine cellar. This man has Terry kneel on the steps so he can pump her afresh doggystyle! Terry sits on his lap and bounces on his meat missile until his payload launches like a Titan rocket. Dangling around dark cellars can have its advantages when Terry Nova is following!

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A bigger than average, black shlong for Mirabella

<b>A large, black rod for Mirabella</b>” title=”<b>A large, darksome ding-dong for Mirabella</b>” src=”” /></a> 
<p class=When it comes to ding-dong, 43-year-old Mirabella is color blind.

“It has no thing to do with color,” she said. “It all depends on the person.”

Well, it just so happens that in this scene, the person Mirabella is having sex with is named King Noire, and as you can probably tell from his name, he’s darksome.

“Today is the first time I must have a sex with a dark or mixed boy on-camera,” Mirabella, dressed in a sexy costume, tells us. “I rarely have interracial sex outside of the digital camera, either. I have had a gorgeous conservative life.”

Until now, that’s. Until she came to and discharged her first hardcore scene. This is her second, and Mirabella was very happy about the boy we coupled her with.

“When I 1st saw him, before this chab even took his hot outfit off, I thought, ‘That’s a really good-looking boy.’ When he took his rod out, I was love, ‘Oh, my God, this chab is large!'”

Very big, but Mirabella, who is a dunky woman, manages to wrap her mouth and cunt around it. She receives rogered hard. She moans. That babe enjoys the shlong. How did this babe acquire all of that rod in her cum-hole? Well, the slit is a very supple muscle. At least Mirabella’s is.

When Noire is ready to discharge his cum, Mirabella opens her mouth for his ball batter. It’s white, certainly. Cum is color blind, too.

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