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Anal Advocate

Anal Advocate

Michaela is ready for George when he shows up wearing just a towel around his waist. This babe is dressed for sex in a hot corset that exposes off her larger than standard, pierced bra buddies plus some hot stockings. She rubs his wang through the towel and finds out that he’s already rock hard. So what does she do? She takes his ramrod out. And this chab shags her face. And this babe rubs his nuts against her bigger in size than typical meatballs. And we’re just getting started. Before lengthy, George is eating her pierced pussy, then he’s rogering it, then he’s screwing her booty.

Fine, encore, Michaela.

Michaela is Fifty eight years old. She’s from Germany. She enjoys playing the piano, bicycling and working out. She can’t live with out to wear clothes that display off her melons and mini skirts that expose off her curvy legs and big wazoo. This babe told us, “I was said that I give mind boggling blow jobs.” George acquiesced. That babe can’t live with out romantic dates.

“Nothing wild,” that babe said. “The wild part comes later.”

Yep, it does. Michaela has sex 3 times a day. This babe loves a-hole stab.

“I savour it and do it often,” she told. “I have been having a bit of arse for many years now, so I’m used to it. I was the 1st one of all my friends to advocate it. They were scared at the time.”

Scared of weenie in her gazoo? Not Michaela. That’s the wild part.

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Terry Nova Is Your Slit For Tonight

Terry Nova Is Your Cookie For Tonight

This dehydrated Lothario is delirious. Some other step and this charmer is bound to fall into that empty pool and break his boner. But wait! A breasty, smiling mirage named Terry Nova has appeared to slake his thirst not solely for aqua but for larger than run of the mill enormous scoops to suck and fuck. Terry is an adept at stroking, sucking, jacking and banging your tool until u blow your load over her sexy chest. Terry oozes sex. She’s the ultimate love-doll with her fleshy, pliable hangers and her facial-me face. Just wind her up and let her bounce on a hardon. That’s what it’s all about, brother! And view out for empty pools!

One of the quietest SCORE Gals, Terry was 1st introduced in July 2007 SCORE. We did not know then that she would become of the Czech Republic’s busiest (and quietest) porno stars. Terry doesn’t must say much in any case. Her body does all the talking. And no one can stop listening. When she tit-bangs a man, his knob disappears inside her hills. This babe really is one of a kind and likewise a mystery girl. To be direct about it, we don’t know a banging thing about Terry even though she is been on 3 major photo discharges with SCORE, one in Hungary, one in Prague and one in The Bahamas, plus assorted discharges over the years in her native country. That doesn’t stop us from loving her wazoo all these years.

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Bryce Taylor – Ride a Cowgirl

Ride a Cowgirl

Ride a Cowgirl

“I’ve always been a cowgirl,” Bryce told us. “I mean, what the hell else are you plan to be when you are born in Montana and move to Wyoming? I spend a lot of time outside, hiking and fishing and ram. We’ll ride our horses out to the lakes or the quarry or out to the midst of nowhere and we’ll camp for a during the time that. That is where I lost my virginity, really. It was to my friend’s maturer brother during one of our camp-outs. It was astounding. He was on top of me and we rogered underneath the stars. I did not cum then, but it felt absolutely remarkable.”

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Sexy Tub Bathing costume Vixen

 Sexy Tub Swim dress Hottie

Casey began as a bathing costume adult model, and she is appeared in many German magazines and newspapers. She’s the main model for Saxini and Nixxxe, a German designer of micro-bikinis. Casey was posing topless on the net when that babe learned about SCORE and connected with one of our photographers.

It is truly not simple to find stacked German adult models. In recent years, we’ve lucked out with Annina, Emilia Boshe and Alexa. Even so, we’re not overrun with German applicants and our scouts there rarely watch anyone.

“If u need a reason to go to Germany, you’re looking at her!” comments Matt. “Great beer, awesome food and the superlatively admirable honeys between Germany and Poland. I hope I run into her at Oktoberfest when I go back this year! More Casey!”

On today, SCORE took Casey to a posh spa where that babe could dip her sexy body in a hawt tub and peel off her swimsuit. And you get a ringside seat.

Casey says that fellows are too timid to come over to her and chat her up. Even so, Casey says she enjoys the attention that babe does receive. We’re sure this babe would be glad to autograph her first appearance issue of SCORE (February ’15) if she were asked.

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Conquest Of The Curvaceous Cockteaser

Conquest Of The Shapely Cockteaser

Lilith was a glamour model referred to SCORE by some other adult model, Exotica. Exotica was featuring in the exotic dancing club Lilith danced in. That babe said Lilith to call us. We flew this impressive sweet heart in from St. Louis, Missouri for a few days of shooting.

On her 1st visit, Lilith merely flew solo which is par for the course with many first-timers at SCORE. Once they acquire a taste of modeling, and if they’re gutsy, they return for boy-girl act. That is how it was with this impressive brunette hair. This babe came back several times and did the wicked quite a hardly any times.

The name Lilith is from Adam’s 1st wife who became queen of the supernatural after she was evicted from the Garden of Eden. In other words, a bad cutie. So bad this babe is worthwhile.

“I was born in St. Louis and spent almost any of my life there,” Lilith said in her first-time interview. “I’ve been stripping on and off for about five years. Right now, I work in a completely undressed undress club. We give lap dances, bed dances and hot tub dances. Basically, it’s a regular lap dance in a tub. Bucks wear swim trunks and we wear our T-backs. We supply the towels and the wobblers! The lads like bra-busters in their faces!”

We talked to Lilith about a variety of subjects: Fun bags, sex, milk shakes, bra-busters and sex. And dancing. Some say we have one-track minds. They try to smear us.

SCORE: What satisfies u the finest? Forget about the Lothario.
Lilith: I guess actual penetration. We just bonk.

SCORE: Any much loved poses?
Lilith: Any and all. No thing specific.

SCORE: Have you ever gone with a female-dominator?
Lilith: Not completely. I had a beauty eat my bawdy cleft once. I liked it.

SCORE: Have other dancers in your exotic dancing club hit on u?
Lilith: Lots of the gals in my lap dancing club are marvelous straight. Other undress clubs, yes, I’ve had that a lot. But I love most of all lads.

SCORE: What’s your own much loved way to satisfy a lad in daybed?
Lilith: Regular sex. And I love titty-fucking. That is what u boys call it, right?

SCORE: That’s what we call it. Do u love a lot of that?
Lilith: Yes, I do. It turns me on to view it more than anything.

SCORE: Is it your date’s idea to do it or do you wanna do it?
Lilith: It is the one and the other.

SCORE: Are you very vocal when a smooth operator shags your titties?
Lilith: Sometimes I desire him to do it. “Fuck my scones. Shag them,” I’ll say.

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Look at Brandi Receive Banged

Watch Brandi Receive Fucked

“I crave you to view my sexy body get drilled,” says 42-year-old Brandi Anderson, who’s clothed for sex in a tight, revealing costume that displays off her larger than run of the mill, firm, fake bumpers. Doing the honors is Rocky, who’s 25 years aged, just right for a randy cougar adore Brandi. He slurps on her areolas. This babe sucks his shlong. That skirt chaser screws her taut, shaved love tunnel. This chab cums on her face. Brandi is 5’4″ and weighs just 100 pounds. That makes her a shag toy. That babe is glad to be a 40something copulate toy.

“People who know me think I am outgoing,” Brandi told.

Well, she’s. Brandi is an outgoing nudist and swinger. She’s into males and hotties. This babe describes herself as sexually passive, but sometimes, like here, she’ll make the 1st move. When she goes out, this babe dresses “like a Southern woman with a precious dress and high heels.” She loves enjoyment and adventurous dates. And this babe usually doesn’t wear knickers.

Southern ladies do not wear belts?

“This one doesn’t,” Brandi said.

Certainly, this babe isn’t truly Southern. That babe was born in Canada but now lives in Florida. She is divorced. She is on the prowl. Can you handle her?

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Pierced And Ass-Fucked

Pierced And Ass-Fucked

“Most of the time I like rough, rock hard sex,” said 58-year-old Michaela, who returns to get it rough and hard in her taut backdoor. “I like something that is gonna make me screech. I like slow, vehement sex as well, but I prefer to do that with merely a choose few.”

Not with this lad. Sure, this lady-killer eats her love tunnel. That babe, Michaela gives him a foot job with her stockinged feet. But most of this scene is about a hot SEXY HOUSEWIFE getting ass-fucked rock hard, so hard that her rectal hole gapes, and opening her mouth for cum.

“I adore being different. Being boring is the worst,” Michaela said.

How is that babe different? Well, that babe has bigger than run of the mill, pierced milk shakes. This babe has six piercings on her pink flaps. And she is Fifty eight and having ace screw on-camera.

“I had a ally from the fetish community who was in porn,” Michaela told. “She told I had the look and the disposition for it. She was right. I endevoured it, loved it and now here I am. I feel very natural in front of the digital camera.”

Naturally ass-fucked. Just our kind of lady.

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Phoebe’s Anal Encore

Phoebe's Anal Encore

It is encore time for Phoebe Page, a 46-year-old wife and Mother from Nashville, Tennessee, and what is that babe doing this time? Getting banged in her butt! She was on our web page back in 2012. That babe mentioned that that babe was a fan of anal, so we set her up with our sister web site They provided the charmer, this babe provided the dark-skinned hole.

“I adore anal!” Phoebe said. “It’s so wicked!”

And it is, especially considering that Phoebe is clothed for the occasion in very amorous lingerie (that babe starts out in crotchless knickers that the ladies man doesn’t bother removing in advance of banging her wet crack) and opens her throat for cum from the pecker that’s just been in her butthole.

“Crotchless briefs are great cuz the charmer can need to my snatch in a hurry,” Phoebe said.

Phoebe appears to be to be perpetually concupiscent.

“Once I was in a store and saw a chap in Army fatigues staring at me,” that babe told. “He had the bluest eyes I had ever viewed on a man. It took my breath away. Aisle after aisle, I kept seeing him watching me. The erotic attraction was so hot! I could have rogered him on the spot, but his troop showed up and this chab had to go back to the base, and that was that. But I went home and took out my dildo and fantasized about rogering him.”

One of Phoebe’s fantasies is to “screw my way with out a traffic ticket.”

Something tells us that if any of Nashville’s majority wonderful are reading this, Phoebe might receive pulled over very pretty soon.

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Desiree Of Our Crave

Desiree Of Our Desire

“I strive to look classy and skilled, but I also have a bawdy, horny, wild, fun side,” told 45-year-old Desiree Dalton.

Desiree is separated from her husband, so if you’re interested in her, go for it. Don’t sit around contemplating for her to make the 1st move. But don’t use any corny pickup lines, either.

“Come up and talk to me and just be real. A angel can tell if you are full of it. If we are go out with, treat me with respect. Call me, ask me out on dates. I like to be treated ike a headmistress.”

If u play your cards right, u might just get laid on the first date, too.

“I’ll have sex on a first date. If there’s major chemistry, and I know the date won’t lead to a relationship, then hell yes!”

Hey, just cuz she likes to be treated like a mastix doesn’t mean that babe needs a commitment every time that babe has sex. She did come to our studio after all!

“People think I am serious, but I’m actually a very goofy person. I love slapstick vids adore Anchorman 1 and 2. That type of humor kills me. I am indeed very easy going, and I just wanna enjoy.”

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Room Service For A Breasty Bad Angel

Room Service For A Stacked Bad Girl

Demmi Valentine is planning a party and she’s clothed in her hottest cocktail outfit. The hired aid wheels in a drink tray and pours her a Martini. When this petticoat chaser sees Demmi, this charmer loses it and feels up her a-hole doggy position, then dry humps her.

Instead of outrage, Demmi loves his bad boy behavior. After all, she’s a stacked bad girl. If the company knew their employee was rogering this client, there’d be trouble. But Rocky is too sexy for Demmi’s big breasted body to stop. The party is hours away so there is time to play. Rocky feasts on Demmi’s bigger than average billibongs, pulling down the top of her costume and her undergarment so this Lothario can acquire at these rock hard nipps. The sucking act receives Demmi hornier. This babe urges a thick prick in her mouth.

Kneeling previous to Rocky, Demmi engulfs his erection in her mouth and sucks him rock hard, making slurping and giving a kiss sounds as this babe worships the pecker. They hastily drop their raiment on the floor. Rocky acquires on his back and Demmi sucks him some more.

Making his flag fly at full mast, Demmi lowers herself over his flag pole and sticks his shaft up her cookie. Her cowgirl ride is first, then this babe switches to a reverse cowgirl, her cookie stuffed with his thrusting fuck-tool. He smacks his weenie against her clitoris, then pokes his dick up her anew.

Her groans and cries of “Oh, god” fill the kitchen area, always a valuable sign of customer gratification. They wanna explore more fucking poses. Demmi dismounts and gets on the floor to be banged side-ways. The customer is always right!

SCORE discovered Demmi Valentine at the Like Ranch in Nevada and invited her to brandish her moves. Fortunately, she was expert to squeeze us, and Rocky, in. It was a tight fit and well-worth it! Demmi really knows how to rock the rod.

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Toya – Hong Kong Hussy

Hong Kong Hussy

Hong Kong Hussy

Occupation: Bartender at sushi place; Age: Fourty one; Born: October 5; Ht: 5’3″; Wt: 119; Pounds; Bras: 32DD; Panties: Almost at no time; Anal: I like it; BJs: Swallow if you’re yummy; Diddle: 3-4 times a week.

Toya was born in Hong Kong, but she’s living in Las Vegas now. You might think that is a tough transition, but that babe let’s know that there’re similarities between the two places. “Las Vegas is known as Sin City, but it is tame compared to some neighborhoods in Hong Kong. U have people there with billions of dollars and you have people with nothing. Sometimes guys will rent out an whole lap dancing club or restaurant or rub-down parlor for themselves just for joy. They’ll buy time with 20 chicks at one time!”

“I adore living in Las Vegas. It is a fantasy come true. It’s a place where people lose their inhibitions. I went on a date to the movie scene theater once where I ended up fucking the boy in the back row. I likewise gave one more woman chaser a orall-service in a glass elevator overlooking a hotel lobby. People do things they wouldn’t normally do when they’re in Vegas. That is probably why I am professional to have sex at least five or six times a week.”

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